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how vi points and timeshare travel works

at most vi resorts 105 points will give you 1 week / year - at high season - in a one bedroom unit.  that is 15 points a night.  mid-season takes 13 points and low season 11 points.  2 bedroom units cost 18.5 points a night for high season, 16 for mid-season and 13.5 for low season.  so 130 points is the most popular ownership range for a two bedroom at high season.

furthermore, any of the contracts i own can be split to bring the owners points up to a level that is best for the buyer. for example, if a prospective buyer had 77 points bought from the company ... they might want to buy another 28 points to get to where they can use a one bedroom unit, or else buy 53 more points to go to a two bedroom unit at high season.

vi owners can join rci or dial an exchange to trade points, and travel to resorts all over the world.  so, vi points owners are not limited to just vi resorts.


the exchange system is regarded as the life blood of timeshare - providing an increase in the choice of places to visit and times to take a holiday.

the principle is that you deposit the week that you own, just for one year, into a "bank" with the exchange company and take out of that bank another week, in another resort, worldwide.  there is potentially a great degree of flexibility in the system - you can bank a june week in a resort in england and take out of the bank a march week in a resort in another part of the world, in another year.


exchange companies operating in europe

rci:   www.rci.com

rci is the largest exchange company in the world, with a uk base in kettering, northamptonshire, england.
rci require members to deposit a week in their bank before offering an exchange and generally only offer a week/resort of similar or lesser trading power than that banked. they charge an annual membership fees (with discounts for longer periods) plus an exchange fee.  rci has been increasingly criticized for their failure to provide a good choice of exchanges or even, in some cases, any choice whatsoever.  to become a member of rci you must own a week in one of its affiliated resorts.  rci also has 2 "points" systems notionally independent of their "weeks" system, as well as numerous sister companies offering rental of holiday accommodation

  • rci has designations of gold crown (the best, expect luxury) ... and silver crown (just a step below a gold crown) ...  and standard (just what it sounds like, do not expect a bunch of amenities).  if it is a standard resort, no designation is made in the descriptions.

interval international (ii):   www.intervalworld.com

ii is the second largest exchange company - with a uk office in south london - but has been gaining on rci in recent years.
ii works in a similar way to rci but allows members to select the week / resort they want to exchange into before banking their own week.  to join ii you must own in resort affiliated to ii, but as many resorts are dual affiliated with both rci and ii switching to from rci to ii is relatively easy. ii receives very few complaints about lack of availability. annual fees and exchange fees are marginally lower than those of rci.


  • interval international has only one rating of excellence- 5 star.  these include the marriott and much of the sunterra resorts.  the remainder of their resort affiliates are something less than a 5 star, so it is difficult to gage what to expect at many of their resorts.

dial an exchange (dae):  www.dialanexchange.com
 is the largest and most internationally established of the independent exchange companies, with offices in the uk (yorkshire) , australia, new zealand, the us, south africa, and china.  dae offers free membership, or a (cheap) premium membership with a few extra perks.  any timeshare owner can became a member of dae because it does not affiliate resorts.  in the dae system "a week is a week" regardless of season or size, so there is no calculation of trading power.

united kingdom resort exchange (ukre):   www.ukre.co.uk

ukre is an independent exchange company - based in scotland - that handles exchanges between resorts in the british isles.
any timeshare owner can become a member of ukre as it does not operate an affiliation system. membership fees are lower than those of rci and ii and ukre operate a "like for like" exchange policy but offers the opportunity to upgrade for payment of a modest fee.



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